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About Covenant


Our identity. The word "orthodox" literally means straight teaching. Our desire is to proclaim the whole counsel of God - rightly, for God's glory and the good of His Church. We are a member congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, a denomination that from its inception in 1936 has sought to glorify God and enjoy Him in all things.

Our members come to us from all over the denominational spectrum of Christendom and from the un-churched as well. All this to say, be of good cheer, you would not be alone in being "new" to the OPC. We are redeemed sinners here, striving to serve our perfect Lord.

About Covenant

Our doctrine. The Bible alone is the Word of God; as such, It contains no errors, nor can It err. (2 Timothy 3:15-17) Scripture alone is our guide for faith and life, teaching us what we are to believe concerning God and what duty He requires of us.

Yet, isn't it true that even those that twist Scripture "say" they believe the Bible? (2 Peter 3:16) As Christians we do right to ask a church, "what" do you believe the Bible teaches? (Acts 17:11)

For God's glory and for clarity and benefit then, our Biblical beliefs are sometimes called "Reformed" or "Calvinistic", which means that we hold to the doctrinal positions of many of the magisterial reformers, those godly and courageous ministers that broke away from the Roman church in the sixteenth century.

We believe that the Westminster Confession of Faith and Its Catechisms {documents written in 1643 - 1648 by some of the most eminent theologians and ministers of the British Isles of that day} best summarize the system of doctrine that the Bible teaches. Please make use of the attached link to examine what Scripture teaches on all manner of doctrines.

The most fundamental truth the Bible teaches is that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and as such are under His wrath and curse, and the only way that God and man might be restored and reconciled.is by God's grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, as set forth in Scripture alone. (Luke 24:26-27, Ephesians 2:8-9) By faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, we are received by God, saved by God, and we will spend eternity in heaven with God and all of His people. The Bible calls this.Good News or the Gospel. (John 1:12, 10:10, 14:6, I Corinthians 15: 3-4, Romans 10: 9-13, I John 5:12-13)

Our Worship

Our worship. Most of us, sadly, are all too familiar with what has come to be known as "worship wars."

Ordinarily this is summarized as traditional versus contemporary music in worship. Piano or guitar? Hymns or praise songs? Really there are much larger doctrinal issues that stand behind each view.

God presents Himself in the Bible as infinitely holy. As such, Scripture calls us to worship our Triune Lord with reverence and awe and adoration and thanksgiving and great joy. (Hebrews 12:28, Psalm 42: 1-2) Accordingly we strive to maintain simplicity in worship with sound preaching of the Bible, faithful administration of the sacraments, and the singing of hymns and psalms with grace filled hearts. Our songs and music come from the Trinity Hymnal (newer edition) To listen to the tunes or to read the texts visit the Trinity Hymnal on our denominational web site.

Our method with the Word. The morning sermon is usually part of a series in a New Testament book and the evening sermon is from an Old Testament book. Wednesday evening study is ordinarily a doctrinal/theological study and we conclude with a time of corporate prayer. Our Sunday School class is often geared to the practical application of our Faith in Christ; the Puritans referred to this as experimental Christianity. We offer Sunday school classes for both adults and children. Our goal is to present the whole counsel of God.

Our government. The Bible does speak to the matter of Church government. Being a Presbyterian church, we are governed by a plurality of elders. (Exodus 18:17-23, Acts 20:17, I Timothy 3, Titus 1: 5-9, I Peter 5: 1-5) The minister or teaching elder is pastor John Schortmann. Our local ruling elder is Wayne Murphey. Our deacons are Tim Common, Grey Linker and Tony Roberts. (click here - for more about the pastor)

Missions we support. We believe the Bible teaches us that as Christians we are required and privileged to support the furtherance of Christ's Gospel. A substantial portion of the monetary offerings given to Covenant OPC by our membership goes out beyond our local congregation so that others may hear and be nourished by the Gospel. We give to the following:

Phil and Meredith Proctor. Missionaries to Uganda.

Jonathan and Margaret Falk. Missionaries to Uruguay.

Stephen and Linda Larson. Missioanries to Uruguay.

Ben and Heather Hopp. Missionaries to Haiti.

OPC Home missions and church planting.

OPC Worldwide Outreach.

Pregnancy Resource Center of Pensacola.

Waterfront Rescue Mission.

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.